Am I Woman Enough For You?

So, this post came quite abruptly. I was planning on writing a post about something completely different. What sparked this post? Sza’s Drew Barrymore: “Am I woman enough for you?”

I never thought that I would ever experience the feeling of being on the other side of my partner staring at another woman when I’m next to him. I’ve witnessed a lot of other men who would openly stare at other women while walking with their ‘woman” and I’d feel uncomfortable because dude, you’re walking with such a beautiful woman, why are you staring at someone else? And immediately after that thought its: Are you not in love with her? Are you not happy with her? Is that why you’re staring at other women?

I’ve also read a ridiculous amount of Mills & Boon books in my teens and that’s enough to change my perception of what love is and how it’s supposed to be. But, this goes beyond whether your significant other is glancing at someone else or not. This counts for how you love yourself as well.

It’s difficult dealing with vacillating mental health and trying to dismiss the voice inside of your head that screams: “Not enough!” But, what should you do when the voice changes your whole mood and feeds you lies? You’re ‘forced’ back into the depressive cycle.

So how do you pull yourself out of the, “Am I woman enough for you?” bubble?

Affirmations: You are enough! Recite this until the clock strikes 12. Just do it. And believe it.

Write about it: Jotting things down always helps me. It’s also amazing how you’ll feel months down the line when you read about how far you’ve come with dealing with your emotions.

Talk about it: Not a fan of writing? Nothing beats being vocal about how you feel, trust me.

Watch / listen to something that will motivate you: Finding something motivational will not only make you shift your mind onto thinking about something else, you’ll also be opening yourself to new thinking.

Here’s to accepting yourself and being enough for you.


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