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YouTube Channels You Need to Watch

One of my favourite pastimes is watching YouTube videos! With so much content, it’s near impossible to not catch yourself spending your whole day fixated on your screen. The range is large! If you haven’t jumped on this train yet, here’s a few you need to watch!

Maria Bethany

I discovered Maria’s channel 2 years ago after seeing her on Koleen’s channel. I visit her channel for everything beauty and fashion. Her boyfriend and herself recently created a channel together to dive in deeper into her lifestyle.

Jamie and Nikki

Jamie and Nikki’s channel is probably the first channel both my boyfriend and I fell in love with. What’s amazing (besides their two beautiful girls) is their transparency! They only release vlogs, which shows their day-to-day lives – it’s impossible not to fall in love with their content.

Jessica van Heerden

Jessica is becoming a phenomenon, with 32 000+ subscribers and having recently graced us on the cover of the Influencer Edition for Cosmopolitan, she’s a force to be reckoned with. You’ll never be disappointed with her content, from vlogs to skincare tips – there’s a lot you can learn!


Where do I even begin? Mihlali along with Jessica and Nadia, are the 3 beautiful ladies who were on the cover of the aforementioned Cosmopolitan Influencer issue. Mihlali falls under the category of the most hardworking people and this shows in the content that she puts out. Her channel is the perfect mix of all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

Thandi Gama

Thandi Gama is slowly making her way up to the top! After releasing a video on how she plans to only put out great content this year, she has certainly not failed on her promise. You can expect quality content on makeup tutorials, fashion and lifestyle videos.


Zama has a beautiful personality which always makes you want to come back for more! Subscribe to her channel for a weekly dose of fashion, beauty and amazing vlogs!


New to YouTube, Landzy has certainly made a mark. Her channel has gained much acclaim for her vlogs. She does not excel only in that, though. Her makeup tutorials are top-notch!

Kheamo M

Kheamo’s channel is so authentic. She creates content for an audience interested in hair and makeup. The occasional vlog also pops up!

Kea Moko

I visit Kea’s channel mainly for fashion inspiration. I absolutely adore her style! Her vlogs will also leave you entertained!

Uche Natori

Like Thandi, Uche shared a video on how she plans on creating quality content this year. She’s achieved it on all her social media platforms. Have a look at her Instagram page

Muchelle B

Muchelle’s channel is great for motivation! Whenever I’m feeling down in the dumps, I know where to turn to. As stated on her channel, she helps you set goals and build habits that help you live life better.

Erin May Henry

I treat Erin’s channel as my ‘mentor channel’ – she has great tips on how to be successful in your side hustle and will occasionally have guests on her channel to offer advice.

What are your favourite YouTube channels?

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