Gabrielle Union We're Going to Need More Wine Book Review
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The first time I was introduced to Gabrielle Union was when I was a teenager and renting movies was still the in thing. I remember watching Bring it On and being fascinated by this Isis character. Wow, I thought. She’s so fearless! Continue reading for the book review. 

I’m not sure what compelled me to read her memoir, We’re Going to Need More Wine. I found myself digging into the book, unable to stop reading and boy am I glad that I couldn’t stop!

This book is raw. It’s Union showing us her life so vividly it’s easy to envision what you’re reading. Things that you would think too personal to share, she has bared it out for us to see. This alone is worthy of a book review! 

She takes us on her life journey; how she felt ostracised by being black in predominately white spaces and how much she desperately wanted to fit in. It’s relatable content and makes you feel like you’re not always alone through some experiences which is what you want, right?

She writes a lot of truth which pierces you and you’re reminded about how unjust the world we live in is. She writes, “Most black people grow accustomed to the fact that we have to excel just to be seen as existing, and this is a lesson passed down from generation to generation. You can either be super negro or the forgotten negro.”

I was surprised by how much of my emotions she evoked, surprised that were no crevices. Surprised by the lack of unity in Hollywood and surprised by a whole lot more.

She unpacked her first marriage – and what I’ve learnt, which is pretty simple really is – be entirely sure that you’re prepared to marry the person that you’re going to say, “I do” to. Her marriage with Chris was… ugly. There’s no word more fitting – she realised this too but she ploughed on – they both did. Trying your hardest to force something that even the universe  is against  pushes you deeper in the well of misery.

There is a happy ending; she finds love again in every area of her life. She’s living her life fearlessly and content with the choices she has made.

Her life story is one worth reading about.

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