Are Creatives Really Creative?


The use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.

Most creative make creating content look easy. Creating content is difficult.

Working in a creative environment has illuminated so many light bulbs. There are so many things that have come to light and one that sparkles with so much light is: your creativity is suppressed. How do you put a creative person in a box? How do you place restrictions in creativity? How do you stop me from using blue and rather, only stick to orange and green?

A conversation that my co-workers and I were having about children really brought light to this topic, children are not limited in their creative thinking (dare I say in their thinking as a whole) – they go to school and they’re given a piece of paper and are allowed to let their creativity flow without any restrictions. Until. Until they grow up and they become more and more restricted in everything, “Don’t do this!” “Stop!” that’s all that they hear.

Pepe Marais, co-founder of Joe Public, mentioned this in his book, Growing Greatness: “What dumbfounds me today is that every single one of us was simply following instructions, doing whatever the man says, like a bunch of sheep. In later years, as I started to be drawn towards our educational system, my eyes were opened to the fact that our school system was designed to create sheep – sheep that fitted perfectly into the herd mentality of a nation’s army. And after the army, the pyramid system of the world we live in.”

Not a lot of us realise this and when we do, we enact a lot of unlearning. We enter a suppression of creativity milieu. Are we owned as creatives? Are we really as free as we think? Is our appearance the only thing that we can depend on to show our creativity? I believe there’s a difference between having a direction on a project versus being told what not to do completely and falling into a box of restriction.

According to this article , we can only assume that Stan Lee knew the detriments of suppressing creativity. YouTube, blogs and podcasts are creative spaces that one owns, it’s where there are no ‘creative restrictions’ but is that enough? Should we not have restrictions beyond digital platforms?

I hope there is a good shift in the future.

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