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    YouTube Channels You Need to Watch

    One of my favourite pastimes is watching YouTube videos! With so much content, it’s near impossible to not catch yourself spending your whole day fixated on your screen. The range is large! If you haven’t jumped on this train yet, here’s a few you need to watch! Maria Bethany I discovered Maria’s channel 2 years ago after seeing her on Koleen’s channel. I visit her channel for everything beauty and fashion. Her boyfriend and herself recently created a channel together to dive in deeper into her lifestyle. Jamie and Nikki Jamie and Nikki’s channel is probably the first channel both my boyfriend and I fell in love with. What’s amazing…

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    Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

    There’s something about the freedom of listening to what you want to at the time that suits you. Podcasts are treated as the new kid on the block when in fact, they’ve been around for some time. It’s amazing that we can hold conversations about a wide array of topics that would oftentimes be deemed too taboo to touch on on national radio. Podcasts give you the power to be unashamedly you and bring out content that is not filtered for your audience. Get on board! Ride the beautiful wave that we’re on with some of my favourite shows: MASHSTARTUP PODCAST Follow Mashudu: Instagram Twitter Website THE DARING ROMANTICS Follow…

  • Books Read in 2018

    BOOKS READ IN 2018

    Between looking for a new job, moving from home and entering a completely different space, 2018 was a year where I fell a bit short on my reading. I am, however, super glad that I managed to squeeze in some awesome gems! Have a look at some of my favourite quotes from these books you should read in 2018: 1. What I Know For Sure – Oprah Winfrey I know for sure that you cannot give to everybody else and not give back to yourself. You will end up empty, or at best, less than what you can be for yourself and your family and your work. Replenish the well…

  • Gabrielle Union We're Going to Need More Wine Book Review
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    The first time I was introduced to Gabrielle Union was when I was a teenager and renting movies was still the in thing. I remember watching Bring it On and being fascinated by this Isis character. Wow, I thought. She’s so fearless! Continue reading for the book review.  I’m not sure what compelled me to read her memoir, We’re Going to Need More Wine. I found myself digging into the book, unable to stop reading and boy am I glad that I couldn’t stop! This book is raw. It’s Union showing us her life so vividly it’s easy to envision what you’re reading. Things that you would think too personal…